The Meaning of the Nazca Lines Destination an Unsolved Mystery


Nowadays, Peru is the trendy destination land in the world for many factors; it has one of the 7 new world wonders; Machu Picchu, it is the cradle of Inca’s Empire; one of the most important civilizations which occupied most part of South America, and more. However, there are many attractions in Peru that have unsolved mysteries, and one of them is, of course, the Nazca Lines.

The systems of Nazca figures are located in the plains of Juana, between Nazca and Pala towns, there are lines that extend for 520 km, and some other for even 800 km, they form about 30 figures including human shapes, marine, and terrestrial animals.

The Nazca Lines were first mentioned in a conference by Tori bio Mejia Espied in 1939 (he first watched them in 1927) but the archeologist didn’t have enough interest to study these lines, for this reason, Mejia leaves the Nazca Lines into oblivion. However, in this same year, Doctor Paul Kosok arrived in Peru and visited the south part of the country.

There, the doctor went to the same plains where the archeologist Mejia Espied was a while ago and was impressed by the big extension the figures had, even when the forms and characteristics of these figures can only be observed from the air.

The doctor studied the figures and their meanings accompanied by the young mathematician and archeologist; Maria Reich; who dedicated her entire life to studying these lines.

Initially, they believed that the Nazca Lines were the largest Book of Astronomy in the world, however, during the time, they discovered that 3 cultures inhabited the plains before the figures were made; the Caracas, Nazca, and Tiahuanaco.

The people of the first two cultures could make the first lines of these figures with an objective; worship their sacred animals. Nowadays, the meanings of these lines are a mystery because doesn’t exist deep research.

The Nazca lines have also many definitions; all these are theories and hypotheses like the one created by Von Damien; he affirms in his book “The response of the Gods” that the Nazca Lines are airstrips for alien space crafts for future invasions.

Nevertheless, Maria Reich is the most indicated person to give an opinion about the meaning of the enigmatic figures; she said that the Nazca Lines were a giant book where the ancient Peruvians noted down each astrological phenomenon and climate change that occurred in the south lands of Peru.

Whatever the significance of the lines is, the Nazca Lines contribute to the most important characteristics of Peru, the mystery, and the amazement.

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