In Adventure Travel, You Should Go to Loire Valley and Robben Island


The Loire Valley, also known to be France’s London Bridge can be best explored and enjoyed by car, however, sometimes all the driving can leave you with exhaustion and very little to enjoy.  Various tour operators in the region arrange trips to and about the best that this remarkable valley has to offer.

Known far and wide for its impeccable wine, the vineyards in Sancerre and Chablis are a must-visit, if you are a wine enthusiast the possibility of wine sampling may tingle your senses already. Some of the best wines such as muscatel, Sancerre, and Vouvray trace their origins from here.

Not very far from the vineyards is Honfleur, a town that has been the home to numerous impressionist painters, the entire Loire Valley packs an artistic history that makes for a promising experience.

While you are here, one thing that you should not miss out on is the trip to Monet’s Garden, the famous impressionist artist has left the world some of the most awe-inspiring sights to admire, from his beautiful “Water-Lily” pond to the “Japanese Bridge.”.

The weather gives way to nature’s best artistry and we can witness the exhibit at some of the most splendid châteaux that are located all over the valley, these are inclusive of Clemenceau, Chignon, Villa dry and the Fontainebleau.

The medieval city has a lot more to offer to an art enthusiast, Leonardo da Vinci’s house located in Amboise is yet another must-visit, it is a true masterpiece of the classic period. Another marvel of the period’s architecture is Chartres and its gothic cathedral.

Taking a train is not a bad idea either, but you must know where you need to get off and all that you can pull off with a trip on the train, the scenic wonders that the Loire Valley offers are a complete treat to all one’s senses. The historical buildings and other culture drenched edibles and souvenirs are just cherries on top.

The International Garden Festival, which is held annually in Château de Chaumont, features over 30 themed gardens complete with sporting designs and themes this festival is a vivid display of all that the valley is about, beauty and colors!

Robin Island Travel Guide with Pictures

Robben Island has been over the past few centuries used as a prison, from as early as the 17th and towards the end of the 20th century. This prison, hospital for a certain class of socially unacceptable groups has served the purpose of being a maximum-security prison, especially for political prisoners.

What makes Robben Island so famous is the role it played in the freedom of a nation, with the struggle against oppression and racism, and later witnessed a triumph of democracy. The island is a significant part of South Africa’s and the entire world’s history, this is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for years.

What has survived to date from its very captivating history is a series of manmade structures, some splendid 17th-century quarries, a tomb, which was built in 1755 in the honor of Hadije Kramat and a breathtaking 19th-century village.

The island is a museum today and offers well-preserved heritage, there is a small lighthouse, a chapel and a parsonage, the ever-popular lepers’ church from the leper’s colony, and some rock-solid, derelict World War II military structures, speaking volumes of the purpose of this island.

This island today is a World Heritage Site, and is only 9kms off the shore of Cape Town; it was named Robin which is Dutch for seals, on account of the massive seal population on the island at the time. The island has been a small isolating city in itself, housing not just a prison but also a mental institution, a hospital, a leper colony, and a military base.

The insightful tour of this historical destination, the Robben Island Museum starts at the awe aspiring Nelson Mandela Gateway, followed by an informative multimedia exhibition, and later winding up at a museum shop, there is a restaurant for you to enjoy a good, hearty meal at while you wait for your ferry.

Each tour takes about three and a half hours, inclusive of sea travel. All tour guides are former political prisoners of the very island; this offers the tourists with a very fun and unique into the true history of the island together with a few personal accounts of prison life.

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