The Skiathos Greece Hotels Beautiful Hotels in Greece


Greece is a haven for tourists. It has innumerable beautiful sights along with dazzling beaches that are not found anywhere in the world. Most of the beaches have white sand with water as clear as crystal. Then there are beaches that are surrounded by palm forests or stiff cliffs. These lovely beaches are unique from each other.

Apart from these public beaches, there are many beaches that are owned privately. You can hire such private beached if you want to have some family gathering or celebration.

There are resorts that have beaches attached to them where you can spend your holiday relaxing and enjoying. Naxos Island is famous for its beaches; amongst these Plax, the beach is popular with a three-mile-long shoreline.

If you are looking for a beach that is not crowded then you can make a beeline to the North East Aegean Islands where Chios Island is located. Here is situated the Vroulidia beach which is hidden from the public view by an overhanging rock on the cove. This beach has beautiful white sand; here you can expect some privacy.

In the region of the Sporades Islands lies the Scathes Island there is Lalaria beach. The uniqueness of this beach is that its beach has white pebbles with blue-green waters surrounded by white cliffs. The beauty of this will stun you; however, access to the beach is not smooth.

Greece has many beaches that have resorts on them. The services they offer are one of the best available. Located near the Corfu town is situated in a beach hotel called the Eva Palace. It has a main building with independent garden bungalows dotting the seafront.

In Scathes Greece hotels you can choose to stay in the main building or one of the bungalows. You can spend your holidays in peace and luxury. The service offered here is of top class.

If you want to stay in a natural setting you can choose the Imperial hotel, which is a world-class hotel in one of Greece’s beaches. The hotel has different types of rooms and suites in the main building. Besides the main building, there are bungalows located in pine groves. These cozy bungalows are surrounded by gardens with seasonal flowers growing. The sea can be seen from all the rooms and bungalows.

Located on Lithuania bay on the south-eastern coast is the Atrium Prestige hotel. This grand hotel has a spa facility with thalassotherapy treatments. The hotel has been designed with gardens and waterfalls, fountains, and the swimming pool styled like a lagoon that has a bar at the pool.

All the hotels in this area are built with a village-like setting with individual gardens. Then there are the once that have private swimming pools on the waterfront. All the rooms and the villas have a balcony or terrace from where you can have a great view of the sea.

The rooms are provided with contemporary amenities like the air conditioner, TV, minibar stocked with the finest wines. The bathrooms are also equipped with modern fittings with luxury toiletries, hairdryer, etc.

Between the beaches of Plaits Yields and Pesaro has situated the Patios beach resort with a spa facility. This one is has been built on a European style that is world-class. Various types of rooms and suites are available that you can choose from. There is a private pool for the guests.

Hotel Rocks is another famous hotel that is unlike any other hotel. The uniqueness of the hotel is that it is built in caves. The traditional caves that already existed have been converted into rooms and suites. The view of the sunset is spectacular from the rooms. Traditionally the breakfast is served on the terrace with a view of the sea. The rooms are air-conditioned with veranda attached to each of them.

There are many spectacular beaches in Greece with a lot of luxury Scathes Greece hotels located on them. You are sure to enjoy a trip to Greece at any time.

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