Top Tips for a Luxury Holiday in the Maldives


With over one hundred resort islands to select from, in case you are planning to book a luxury holiday or luxury honeymoon in the Maldives, you ought to carefully compare the advantages & disadvantages of each luxury island resort as all of them have different personalities.

Different people look for different criteria especially when it is a luxury holiday so take a glance at my top 10 hints for booking a luxury holiday in the Maldives which will help you make your holiday memorable and satisfied.

Package Deals : – Do not go for it when especially in luxury holiday, as per my opinion luxury cannot be packaged, luxury means no compromise but you can let the travel agent know your requirement and let them make you an offer that will include accommodation, meals, transfers & specific activities.

Budget: – When it is Luxury Maldives Holiday, resorts accommodation price starting with the minimum US $300 per night there is no doubt about it, and when it comes to transferring to the resort it is a different scenario, where it will cost about USD $200 per person and defers on speedboat or seaplane.

So basically the Maldives is an expensive destination but value for money and it’s always better to give your budget to your Luxury Hospitality Specialists hence they will help considering your budget.

All-Inclusive or Room Only: – Most of the Maldives luxury resorts provide Bed and breakfast (BB). If you do not consider much about the meal menu and consider your budget it’s recommended to go for Full Board (FB) or an all-inclusive package.

If you love to have different meal menus during your stay, it’s always recommended going for Bed & Breakfast. It’s really important you clear about your meal plans with the Luxury Hospitality Specialists.

Seasons: – The temperatures in the Maldives seldom fall below 25C but there are occasions during the course of the year that you ought to consider, in case you want to keep away from the chance of high rainfall. There are six monsoons, the South-west from May to October, & the North-east from November to April. The driest times to visit the islands are from November to April.

Room Type: – Most resorts offer several room types ranging in cost from moderately priced to eye-watering expensive. Do you want to stay in a beachside villa or enjoy the benefits of a hotel? What about a water villa that is actually located over the water? Be aware that types of accommodation vary considerably, from traditional hotel rooms to Robinson Crusoe style huts with open-air bathrooms.

Romance: : – A holiday in the Maldives is the ideal destination for a Honeymoon or romantic getaway, if you want to secure your privacy, selects a water villa with a private swimming pool. All the luxury resorts & villas in the Maldives guarantee 100% privacy.

Children: – Not all Maldives islands (villas) cater for children so check with your Luxury Hospitality Specialists that there are children’s clubs or suitable entertainment so that the small ones are occupied while you are chilling out on the beach.

Nightlife: – There tends to be a very small night-life but size is important in the Maldives, the larger the resort the more live music, bars, & restaurants there tends to be. Most islands have casual discos around the bar areas, sometimes featuring live bands. Beach parties & barbecues are also popular.

Language preferences: – Certain islands in the Maldives cater to specific nationalities like the Germans, Italians, or English if this is an important factor in the choice of the island then consult the holiday review sites like or you can ask from your travel consultant.

Activities: – Choose an island that will cater to your interests, you just give the specification to you Luxury Hospitality Specialists and it is there job to find out information for you. Maldives Holiday is there is not to but just relaxing but still, there are things to do like seaplane rides, submarine rides, visit Male, go island hopping, dolphin watching or night fishing, and many more…

When you are directly booking with a resort you are bond to whatever they say and the direct booking with the resort will end you up paying more money without any special offers. Since we are here talking about the luxury holiday.

I believe there shouldn’t be any boundaries and it is your holiday where you should be able to select as your tailor-made. Select Luxury Hospitality Specialists and talk to your private Travel Consultant and give your specifications and let them suggest and make your holiday.

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